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Accelerate drug discovery from target identification to the preclinical stage.

Ardigen's Gene Regulation Platform

A suite of powerful in silico and machine learning-driven tools providing a variety of options for constructing modulation strategies of your target genes.
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  • siRNA module

    Speed up your siRNA research

    siRNAs are easy to use, fast, and are proven technology for achieving temporary knock-downs. They are practical for studying phenotypic effects and can be also potentially used in patients with minor modifications.

    Value we deliver

    • State-of-the-art predictions for siRNA efficacy (AUROC of 0.83).
    • Information on genetic variants that can affect knock-down efficiency.
    • Efficient, fast and scalable database with straightforward API access.
    • Easy to use interface with fast response time and a modern design.

    Why use
    siRNA module

    To select highly efficient siRNA molecules.To design molecules effective in patients and in model organisms.To lower the number of laboratory experiments needed to achievesatisfactory results.To eliminate the off-target action at the design phase.To consider the effect of SNPson siRNA knock-down in humans.To design siRNAs targetingmultiple isoforms of the gene.To consider organismal knock-down effect by using provided tissue expression information.
  • sgRNA module

    The easier way to design CRISPR sgRNAs

    The sgRNA module allows the design of highly efficient and specific guides for the use in CRISPR experiments. Powered by latest advancements of knowledge about guide strand design, it enables for effective engineering of knock-out, knock-down or activation and overexpression strategies in a rapid and cost-conscious manner.

    Value we deliver

    • Greatly enhanced success rate of drug discovery leading to greater number of better-validated targets entering late stages of development.
    • Precision editing capabilities and minimal off-target effects
    • Leveraging the power of in silico prediction using the latest design algorithms.
    • Our top-quality sgRNA, guide design strategies, and optimized protocols yield consistent and reproducible results.
    • Unparalleled disease model generation.

    Why use
    sgRNA module

    To select candidate sgRNAwith minimal off-target effects.To enhance the success rateof your drug discovery phase.To precisely engineer the genome to the highest accuracy required in medical trials.To select the most effective sgRNAs.To reduce the number ofexpensive and time consumingexperimental trials.
  • miRNA module

    One step for miRNA function discovery

    Our microRNA module allows for comprehensive understanding of the small RNA environment present in the cell. While analyzing all major small RNA types, its performance truly shines in respect to microRNA, where it provides detailed information on detected changes and their functional consequences.

    Value we deliver

    • Scalable and reproducible cloud-enabled pipeline.
    • Detection of all major small RNA classes.
    • Analysis of the cellular microRNA pool, along with isomiR characterization.
    • Functional characterization of changes detected in small RNA populations.
    • microRNA target site analysis.

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  • Genetic reports module

    Genetic Report - all information about your target gene
    in one place

    The Genetic Reports module is a custom service for made-to-order reports on a specific gene of interest.

    It is an extensive summary of variant and phenotype information, sourced from a large number of databases, as well as up-to-date literature information. These reports have in the past led to discoveries that were decisive for further use of the potential targets.

    Value we deliver

    • Experts-curated, comprehensive and informative genetic overview available in one place.
    • Ability to form novel hypotheses and identify new promising targets.
    • Close link between summary narrative and the underlying raw data.
    • Interactive report with sortable tables and exportable publication-ready charts.

    Why use
    Genetic Reports module

    To retrieve up-to-date literature data and genomic information related to the problem.To learn about all important SNPs and variants of your gene of interest.To have a comprehensive overview of phenotypic consequences of genetic variants.To save time and money by gaining access to a 360-overview of the target at the decision stage.

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