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Our goal is to create Value by pursuing your business goals in the most effective way, to provide results without micromanagement burden, with clear communication and high availability. We are your research and development partner and deliver complementary skills to your R&D team.

The unique strength of our team is the capability to solve complex Life Science problems by effectively combining the efforts of bioinformaticians, data scientists and software engineers. Our teams successfully engage in interdisciplinary projects providing highest quality reproducible research and software tools while staying lean and dynamic. We make bioinformatics workflows with human readable code, as well as machine learning models and software that "understand" biological data.


Powerful technology Multiomics data Domain knowledge

Powerful technology


Bioinformatics are not just tools. We create algorithms for novel biotechnologies to enable new generation of biological data analysis and interpretation.

  • Integrated projects
  • Multiomics data analysis
  • NGS and novel biotechnologies data interpretation
  • Custom design of experiment workflow
Artificial Intelligence, Data Science

Data Science enables us to push the limits of contemporary data analysis and interpretation by introducing advanced learning components for inference and prediction.

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing
  • Biostatistics
  • Inference
  • Prediction
Powerful technology


Domain knowledge
Software Engineering

Professional Software Development and Operations are key for efficient, stable and secure systems. We provide modern solutions tailored to the needs and develop them along your business growth.

  • Customized pipelines & tools
  • Specialized algorithms & performance tuning
  • Cloud Native App
  • Big Data technologies
  • Systems integration (eg. LIMS)
  • TechOPS, project management,
    quality assurance
  • FDA & HIPAA/HITECH compliance

Multiomics data

Multiomics Data

We understand biological data. We know the advantages and limitations of technologies used for investigation of different molecular levels from genome to metabolome. Our experts are ready to analyze and interpret custom and complex experiments to provide valuable insight and results.

  • Subdomains: genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenetics, metagenomics, epigenetics
  • Technologies: NGS, long read sequencing, Mass Spectrometry, L1000, microarrays

Domain knowledge

Cancer biology

Ardigen’s Team have built expertise in projects dedicated to extract valuable insights from complex molecular phenotypes of cancer. We focus on actionable interpretation of data in clinical and biological context to provide results you are looking for.

  • Analyses of public and private cancer datasets (TCGA, CCLE, GEO…)
  • Mode of Action and off target effects analyses
  • Answering research questions with data and biological interpretation
  • Biomarker and target discovery
  • Variant calling (SNP, CNV, large rearrangements, gene fusions)
  • Biostatistics for clinical studies
  • Retrospective analysis of clinical studies

Ardigen pursues information about interactions of human immune system with diseases. We have built specialized bioinformatics tools to precisely and specifically interpret immunosequencing data. We work on  tumour infiltration assessment, immunotherapy outcome prediction and enabling drug discovery.

  • Immunosequencing data analysis
  • Neoepitopes prediction
  • HLA typing
  • Patient stratification
  • Predicting immunogenicity  
  • Sequencing based tumor infiltration assessment

Experts at Ardigen advance the field of microbiome research by application of data science for targeted microbiome scouting and traits prediction using sequencing data. We have brought value to our partners enabling improvement of experimental process as well as providing exceptional quality of downstream analysis.

  • 16S and WGS metagenomics species identification
  • Prediction of probiotic properties based on genomic sequences
  • Differential metagenomics analyses

Data Scientists and Bioinformaticians at Ardigen have successfully built NLP system for scientific publications about neuro-behavioral disorders, deconvoluted time series metabolomics data from clinical studies and provided biological context for experiments interpretation underlying the analysed conditions. We can do much more.

  • AI-based Natural Language Processing for knowledge extraction
  • Metabolic signature of disease
  • Investigation of biological context of results

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Immunology Research

Ardigen’s Artificial Intelligence empowering immunotherapy by providing unique and more accurate Companion Diagnostics for cancer immunotherapies.

Microbiome Research

Microbiome is the key to human health. Ardigen provides AI based solutions boosting microbiome research.

AI in computational chemistry

Adoption of Artificial intelligence solutions brings the possibility to increase the speed and reduce costs of discovery process.

Target and Biomarker Discovery

Accelerate your discovery with AI-enabled bioinformatics

Bioinformatics & Software Engineering for Life Sciences

Don’t let your tools stop you from your discoveries!

Integrated Bioinformatics

Design a study with us and we will deliver the results for you!

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How we work AGILE for Life Sciences

We work according to Agile methodology, which we adopted for Life Science projects. It accelerates the delivery of business value. Through a process of continuous planning and feedback we are able to constantly maximize value throughout the research or development process.

Starting Point Traditional Agile Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint 4 Sprint 5
  • Client expectation zone
  • Client can live with it
  • Client's not happy

They trusted us

Chris Smith CTO Distributed Bio South San Francisco, CA, USA

“We’ve been delighted with the exceptional results Ardigen has delivered.”

Dr. Bruno Marchon CTO EpiBiome South San Francisco, CA, USA

“We’re extremely happy with Ardigen’s level of responsiveness, attention to details and overall technical insight.”

Dr. Thomas Portmann Director of Neurobiology and Transcriptomics Circuit Therapeutics Menlo Park, CA, USA

“Ardigen’s deep understanding of the complexities of molecular biology work flows and data has made them our partner of choice.”


Dr. Michael W. Rowe Director of Data Sciences HeathTell San Ramon, CA, USA

“I’ve been really impressed with their expertise and communication skills. When we give them an analysis task, they go beyond what we’ve asked for and suggest and test new methods.”

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