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Ardigen Biomedical Imaging Unit enables the identification of small molecule drug candidates through its AI Technology Platform. The Platform integrates the most recent advancements in AI (computer vision and cheminformatics) with molecular biology and medicinal chemistry, bridging the gap between cell imaging and small molecule design. Our unique approach of combining molecular structures, high content screening (HCS) images, and omics data allows us to obtain reliable predictions of Modes of Action and other molecular properties, identify HCS hits, and predict hit candidates. Moreover, its generative component enables fast library design and accelerates the process of lead optimization.



Check our tool to explore JUMP-CP data. JUMP-CP Data Explorer

Ardigen phenAID Platform Capabilities

PhenAID Bridges the Gap Between Cell Imaging and Small Molecule Design

Combine Varied Data Types Through Artificial Intelligence

Ardigen phenAID Platform
at Any Stage of Your Research:

Our solution will improve your drug design process through seamless AI-lab integration. The AI platform is a comprehensive solution that fits into your drug discovery process and can be used out-of-the-box in every step of the process. We can increase your chances of obtaining a drug candidate that will successfully pass the clinical trials. Whether you are just starting your project and looking for compounds to screen, or if you have already gathered phenotypic screening outcomes, we can help.

With our platform you are able to:

  • find the targets and off-targets of your molecules;
  • narrow the chemical search space;
  • optimize your compounds to obtain the desired phenotype;
  • assign Mode of Action to chemical compounds.

Accelerate Drug Discovery Process

Drug discovery process with PhenAID Platform

As the standard drug design process is expensive and time-consuming, it can be improved with our AI-based solutions. Our Platform allows you to:

  • exhaustively explore the chemical space of up to ~10^8 molecules;
  • design focused libraries which can improve the hit rate to 40%;
  • carry out the in silico optimization process yielding optimized compounds in even 2 AI-lab cycles;
  • prevent undesired phenotypic effect at an early stage;
  • efficiently obtain outcomes from Cell Painting assays.

Increasing Your Success Rate
with Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

What Level of Customization Do You Need?


Whether you are just starting or have been in the field for some time, we fit into your needs by providing two approaches to
collaboration. Our out-of-the-box Licensed Virtual Screening Platform gives you access to a cloud-based app as a ready-to-use
solution. Whereas, Our Customized Virtual Screening Service enables integration with your internal data, pipelines, and system to
maximize the utility of its usage.

Virtual Screening Platform

Licensed Virtual Screening Platform
or Customized Virtual Screening Service

  • Licensed Virtual Screening Platform

  • Our platform can be delivered as a cloud-based app with
    intuitive modules for data management, experiments analysis,
    and results reporting. By uploading data to your private and
    secure account in the cloud, you can easily perform analyzes of
    HCS images and molecular structures using our AI-based
  • Customized Virtual Screening Service

  • If you are looking to integrate our AI features into your internal
    pipelines, we will delegate a team of experts to deploy the
    platform on your internal infrastructure. During the integration
    process, we will adapt the modules to best fit into your drug
    design process and provide training and support to ensure high
    usability of the platform.

Ardigen phenAID platform

Ardigen is a Supporting Partner of the JUMP-CP Consortium

JUMP-CP consortium’s aim is to validate and scale up image-based drug discovery strategies by creating the world’s largest public cell imaging data set, corresponding to both genetic and chemical perturbations. It’s members include 10 leading pharmaceutical companies (Amgen, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Biogen, Eisai, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Merck KGaA, Pfizer, Servier, and Takeda) and two non-profit research organizations, including the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Ksilink.

We are providing deep learning expertise to the consortium, leveraging a web application to facilitate the exploration of the JUMP-CP Cell Painting dataset.
Check our tool to explore JUMP-CP data. JUMP-CP Data Explorer

Take a closer look
at our platform

Main features:

  • Cloud-based system ready to be used in secure cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, or an internal IT infrastructure.
  • User-friendly application that can be easily operated by any biologist.
  • Perform powerful AI analysis of HCS data through easy-to-build pipelines.
  • Use custom set of modalities to identify hits, classify mode of actions, predict properties and screen your library.
  • Automatically checks data quality and segments single-cells.
  • Interactive data visualization and built-in report generator.

Case Studies

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Check the capabilities of phenAID platform in:

Multimodal mode of action prediction

Deep learning approach to analyze HCS images

Check out our case studies

Our science

We are driven by science and collaborations!

Since 2015, we’ve had the opportunity to execute a variety of exciting and complex projects, both for our clients and internally.
A high degree of trust and confidentiality is the foundation for our business. That’s why we are always very excited to share the results of our scientific projects.
We publish and present materials, such as journal publications, posters, case studies and technical notes whenever possible, through which we aim to show the scope of our scientific team’s experience.

On demand webinars

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