Microbiome analysis

Decoding the microbiome with Artificial Intelligence

At Ardigen, we perform microbiome analysis to help the pharma, biotech and academic researchers with the most challenging evaluation of metagenomes. We partner with researchers to help them understand biological processes behind their data. To this end, we use a combination of data science with biology understanding. Microbiome is part of a larger biological system, that is why we focus on integrating microbial and -omic data.

Enable breakthrough discoveries with our digital microbiome solutions.

The Ardigen team has broad experience and in-depth expertise in various aspects of metagenomic analysis – from signature discovery and time point analysis, to multi-omics, interpretability and more. What is your main challenge?

Are you facing similar challenges?

Stratification and biomarker discoveryIntegration of microbial data with other *omics or patient parametersData science with biologicalcontext understandingMicrobial target identificationMicrobiomesignature discoveryIdentification of functional traits

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Microbiome Translational Platform

We solve your problems by combining our expertise into the Ardigen Microbiome Translational Platform.
Challenges in microbiome research
Ardigen Microbiome Translational Platform
Patient metagenomic and clinical data Patient metagenomic and clinical data
Exploration of functional potential
Biological findings Biological findings
Microbiome based solutions

16S/Shotgun metagenomic information

Other *omics

Discovery Module

Proprietary algorithms for signature discovery

Validation Module

Rigorous validation methods, developed for metagenomic studies

Translational Module

Function discovery for bacterial proteins

  • Multi-omic time point analysis

    Integrate your MULTI-OMICS data

    Value we deliver

    Your research brought to a new dimension


    At Ardigen, we integrate multi-omic datasets, such as:

    • Metagenomic
    • Metabolomic
    • Clinical/meta parameters

    This enables the discovery of Multi-omic Signatures, which can be monitored in timepoints as novel data are produced.

    Microbiome Signature across timepoints Microbiome Signature across timepoints
  • Signature discovery

    SIGNATURE DISCOVERY can accelerate your product development

    Value we deliver

    Better microbiome-derived biomarkers and therapeutics development

    Most predictive taxa in the model Most predictive taxa in the model



    Ardigen Microbiome Translational Platform can easily identify bacterial signatures that contribute the most to the given host phenotype. Obtained results are generalizing for broad population.  We run analysis maintaining a high level of result credibility with the aid of thorough validation procedures.

  • Function discovery

    Bacterial FUNCTION DISCOVERY can give you many answers

    Value we deliver

    A better understanding of how bacterial proteins interact with the host cells and contribute to both health and disease.

    Validation of Functional Discovery Module

    Our Function Discovery module accurately assigned functional labels (from given databases) to proteins with experimentally confirmed functions

    Novel annotations of key metagenomic features Novel annotations of key metagenomic features

    When applied to novel protein, distinct from database entries, it enables functional understanding of microbial dark matter, in comparison to competing tools (InterProScan, Prokka)

  • Predictive modelling

    PREDICTIVE MODELLING can be understandable

    Value we deliver

    Biological discoveries derived from advanced data science.

    Advanced data science analysis

    Ardigen’s Discovery Module outcompetes standard metagenomics software in the most challenging tasks eg. prediction of cancer therapy efficacy

    Biological interpretation Biological interpretation

    We translate the predictive power of Artificial Intelligence to understand patient’s status in actual clinical cases

Our science

We are driven by science and collaborations!

Since 2015, we’ve had the opportunity to execute a variety of exciting and complex projects, both for our clients and internally.
A high degree of trust and confidentiality is the foundation for our business. That’s why we are always very excited to share the results of our scientific projects.
We publish and present materials, such as journal publications, posters, case studies and technical notes whenever possible, through which we aim to show the scope of our scientific team’s experience.

Publications and posters

10 November 2021 POSTER microbiome biomarker for disease diagnosis
Download publication

    21 July 2021 Deep embeddings to comprehend and visualize microbiome protein space
    Download publication

      6 September 2020 POSTER Microbial signatures of response to anti-PD1 therapy in metastatic melanoma patients
      Download publication


        31 March 2021 Development of BioForte Technology for in Silico Identification of Valuable Genomic Features Read more
        31 December 2021 Polish Microbiome Map Read more

        On demand webinars

        Leveraging Single-Cell Transcriptomics for the Discovery of New Therapeutic
        6 December 2022 Leveraging Single-Cell Transcriptomics for the Discovery of New Therapeutic

          Latest developments in the Nextflow ecosystem – Reproducible omics pipelines in a cloudy world
          22 October 2022 Latest developments in the Nextflow ecosystem – Reproducible omics pipelines in a cloudy world

            Webinar: Computer Vision for Precision Medicine
            30 August 2022 Webinar: Computer Vision for Precision Medicine

              Short movies and interviews

              Oncology as a field that can benfeit from microbiome research
              14 October 2021 Oncology as a field that can benfeit from microbiome research Watch the video
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              16 September 2021 Microbiome discovery requiers top quality data Watch the video
              Novel approaches in microbiome research
              2 September 2021 Novel approaches in microbiome research Watch the video

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