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5 December 2023 Business
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Ardigen and Selvita Now Offer Joint Cell Painting Services



Ardigen, a world-renowned leader in artificial intelligence and precision medicine, announces a partnership with Selvita for cell painting services. This collaboration aims to leverage Ardigen’s expertise in AI and Selvita’s proficiency to advance innovative solutions in the area of precision medicine.

The Methodology of Jointed Cell Painting Services

Using fluorescent labels, the advanced technology will enable laboratory professionals to perform detailed analysis of cell morphology. Then, the Ardigen phenAId platform will be used to interpret high-content data from the process.

Then, phenAId executes image analysis to identify patterns and morphological profiling. Its multi-modal properties allow researchers to undertake several tasks:

  1. Predicting Mode of Action – to optimize the development process for faster results indicative of a drug candidate;
  2. Predicting Off-Target Effect – to reduce costs associated with drug withdrawals due to side effects;
  3. Predicting Biological Activity – to improve compound collections and adding new samples to libraries.
  4. Hit Identification –  to find new starting points for drug candidates;
  5. Virtual Screening – to discover new drug candidates or find new uses for existing drugs.

All results are presented in a comprehensive, automated report. 

You can see the detailed offer at Selvita’s website here:

About Selvita:

Selvita stands as one of Europe’s largest preclinical contract research organizations. With a focused mission of bridging the gap between early drug discovery and clinical development, Selvita consists of a team of over 900 experts across six sites in Europe and the U.S. It provides high-quality, comprehensive drug discovery and development services across diverse therapeutic areas.

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