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February 30, 2020
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Ardigen at AI Powered Drug Discovery and Manufacturing Conference

AI Powered Drug Discovery and Manufacturing


February 27 – 28, 2020

MIT, Cambridge, MA


The first edition of AI Powered Drug Discovery and Manufacturing conference at MIT in Boston was a definite success and we are hoping to see its next editions.

The event gained the greatest leaders in the area of the AI in Drug Discovery and allowed us to update with the current state-of-the-art in the field of biology and chemistry. During the conference, we could hear about the AI solutions in predicting new therapeutic molecules, problems of the big data collection and utilization, and regulatory issues in AI. The event brought innovators from academia, industry as well as investors and government representatives, who together opened many inspiring discussions. 

It is worth noting that the conference highlighted a need for bilingual talents who operate a language of life science together with holding machine learning capabilities. The industry recognized that only such talents allow for smoother and faster integration of current advancements of AI into the drug discovery pipelines. These opinions ensured us that at Ardigen, we are exceptionally lucky having such scientists on board. We are happy to be a part of such exciting field and to be able to exchange our expertise with the best innovators in the area of the drug discovery. 

Participation in the first edition of AI Powered Drug Discovery and Manufacturing conference at MIT was definitely a great decision and we will put it into Ardigen’s agenda for next years! 

*We were particularly glad to meet authors of the very recent publication on the discovery of a new antibiotic by ML algorithms. Additionally, we could exchange our thoughts on the recent advancements in the Computer Vision area. 

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