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February, 3
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Ardigen at PMWC 2020

Ardigen at the Precision Medicine World Conference 2020

PMWC, the Precision Medicine World Conference, does not stop to impress us! For the past five years, since Ardigen’s inception, we have been part of this wonderful event every single year. PMWC is the foremost conference dedicated to precision medicine. They bring together recognized leaders, top global researchers, and medical professionals, and innovators across the healthcare & biotechnology sectors to promote cross-functional fertilization and collaboration in an effort to accelerate precision medicine.


This year’s PMWC gathered over 2,500 multidisciplinary attendees from around the world and 400 speakers showcasing practical content that helps close the knowledge gap among different sectors.

Ardigen contributed to this exceptional forum for the exchange of the latest advances in technology by sharing its newest developments in augmenting drug discovery with AI. Our AI Labs Director, Michał Warchoł, discussed Aridgen’s noteworthy case studies in target identification, compounds design and protein optimization and how they can be applied to making drug development a more effective venture. We are happy to be part of this exciting field developing cutting-edge applications and contributing to strategies that will improve patient diagnosis, treatment, and outcome.

We look forward to PMWC 2021!






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