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17 August 2023 Business
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Ardigen Collaborates on Breakthrough in TCR Therapy Advancements



Ardigen teams up with Martin Klatt’s team for a notable breakthrough in MHC ligand isolation in TCR therapy. The insightful article, being a result of this fruitful collaboration, can be read here:

About the research:

Analyzing MHC ligands for TCR therapies often faces challenges, especially with low-abundance cancer targets. The research explores optimized isolation methods, factoring in hydrophobicity and post-translational modifications for efficient cancer antigens and neoepitope isolation.

ARDisplay I’s Role in the Research

The study also introduces ARDisplay I, an advanced MHC I ligand prediction algorithm improving peptide assignment accuracy created by our team. This algorithm assists in assigning peptides to the correct MHC allele and demonstrates enhanced training for this purpose compared to existing algorithms.

Congratulations to everyone involved, especially Ardigen’s dedicated team. Such collaborations mark the future of the biotechnology industry.


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