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25 October 2021
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Ardigen has received funding for the development of the AI-powered Microbiome Platform.

Ardigen has received funding for the development of the AI-powered Microbiome Platform that will improve the prediction of cancer therapies efficacy

Krakow, Poland, 25.10.2021. Ardigen- the world-leading company that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) for drug discovery, has signed an agreement with the Polish National Centre for Research and Development for the funding of a novel technology that will revolutionize the discovery of microbiome-based biomarkers in oncology. ​ The Microbiome Biomarker Discovery Platform expands the existing Ardigen Microbiome Translational Platform – a proprietary Ardigen technology based on Artificial Intelligence.

The Platform will enable both the discovery of candidates for microbiome-derived biomarkers for the prediction of oncological therapy efficacy (particularly ICT (a-PD-1, CTLA-4) and chemotherapy), and dramatically reduce the needed time and cost of the research process, making the hypothesis exploration more effective.

The total value of the project is $2.5M USD. The project entails building a unique database of microbiome data from a set of combinations: indication with an applied treatment. It will expand Adrigen’s existing proprietary datasets by hundreds of samples, which will power up the technology. The output given by the Platform will be laboratory validated.

“The influence of the microbiome on cancerogenesis and tumor sensitivity in terms of treatment is one of the most promising discoveries in oncology in recent years. Studies have shown that the gut microbiome is one of the main factors affecting the effectiveness of cancer therapies. 

The technology will be applicable to the patients’ stratification in clinical trials and treatment planning, making further work on a microbiome-derived drug supporting combination therapy possible. We believe that can be a huge step forward in personalized cancer treatment.“ – commented Dr. Kaja Milanowska-Zabel – director of the Microbiome Unit at Ardigen

7 september 2021
Dr. Aleksandra Walczak joined Ardigen’s Scientific Board to support the development of AI platforms for the discovery of cell therapies.
4th November 2021
Prof. Olivera Finn joined Ardigen’s Scientific Board
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