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25 September 2023 CSR
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Code Against Cancer’s "ONCOdecalogue of Emotions" Receives Acclaim at PTPO Conference



At the PTPO conference in Lublin, the latest publication of the “ONCOdecalogue” series received vast acclaim and appreciation from Poland’s top psycho-oncologists and oncologists. This conference, held to celebrate PTPO’s 30th anniversary, provided a prestigious platform for Code Against Cancer to showcase its impactful initiative.

About ONCOdecalogue of Emotions and Code Against Cancer:

Ardigen’s CODE AGAINST CANCER initiative aims to support oncology patients. With that in mind, the therapeutic fairy tale book “ONCOdecalogue of Emotions” was designed. It has successfully provided comfort and understanding to young patients, their families, and a wider audience alike through its usage during psycho-oncology workshops and therapy sessions.

Special Thanks to All Involved:

Seeing how a simple initiative can impact other people’s lives is uplifting. We are grateful to the Ardigen and Code Against Cancer communities for partaking in such commendable initiatives. We also would like to thank the lead consultant of our project and past president of PTPO, prof. Marzena Samardakiewicz.

code against cancer oncodecalogue of emotions

About PTPO:

The Polish Psychooncological Society (PTPO) was established in 1992. The Society has about 100 members who in their professional activity come into contact with chronically and incurably ill people.

In addition to doctors of various specialties (psychiatrists, oncologists, gynecologists, surgeons, internists, general practitioners, etc.) and nurses, the Society is co-founded by psychologists, educators, sociologists, clergy and NGO volunteers. These people, understanding that proper treatment is not only about prolonging life, but also about ensuring its quality, strive to ensure the development, popularization and implementation of an integrated model of care.


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