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11 February 2022 Business
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Discover Ardigen's Gene Regulation Platform



Everyone knows that the drug discovery process requires a lot of time and costs. But does it always have to be this way? Now it’s time to make a change with our Gene Regulation Platform!

Gene Regulation Platform by Ardigen

GRP is a suite of powerful in silico and machine learning-driven tools provides a variety of options for constructing modulation strategies of your target genes.

  • – saves money,
  • – saves time,
  • – validated in the lab,
  • – scientifically proven.

To give you some flavor of what Gene Regulation Platform is about, please watch the video below that summarizes the siRNA module of our platform:

28 January 2022
Boost Your Way to Successful Therapy:
AI for Drug Discovery Days
24 March 2022
Łukasz Dutkiewicz, PhD has joined Ardigen as a Business Development Director
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