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04.04.2023 CSR
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Hackathon - March 2023



Ardigen participated in a Nextflow nf-core Hackathon that was conducted in a hybrid mode with 16 local sites located in Europe, Africa, and both Americas, with a total of 408 participants online and offline. 

The idea of the hackathon was to contribute to the development of open-source bioinformatics pipelines, tools, and infrastructure that enable testing and hosting them. The whole community was also a source of creating best practices in the field. 

As a result, academics and industry across the world now have access to reproducible and customizable analyses that are common in bioinformatics.

Our team had chosen to work on the dualrnaseq pipeline as the main task, which is a tool for processing data generated from Dual RNA-seq experiments. This experimental technique enables simultaneous analysis of gene expression in both the host organism and the pathogen during infection, providing insights into the underlying mechanisms of infectious diseases.

Ardigen team recognized the importance of this pipeline and made it our primary focus. The main goal was to upgrade the pipeline from DSL1 to DSL2 Nextflow version and implement any necessary improvements. During the Hackathon, we made great progress towards achieving this goal, and we planned to continue our work to deliver a new and improved version of the dualrnaseq pipeline to the nf-core community.

Nice work: Piotr Faba, Błażej Szczerba, Michał Stachowiak, Mauro Saporita, Bożena Mika-Gospodorz, Paweł Ciurka, Paweł Kościelny, Dorota Pikul, Olha Petryk

7 March 2023
Ardigen and DKFZ research groups are entering into a collaboration to evaluate the safety of TCR-based therapies (TCR-Ts)
18 May 2023
Leave Your Trace Foundation and Ardigen Unveil Therapeutic Fairy Tale Book for Children Facing Health Challenges
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