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18 May 2023 CSR
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Leave Your Trace Foundation and Ardigen Unveil Therapeutic Fairy Tale Book for Children Facing Health Challenges



Leave Your Trace Foundation and Ardigen have launched “Ewa’s Extraordinary Animals – ONCOdecalogue of Emotions -” a book of therapeutic fairy tales that supports children and teenagers with cancer, chronic illnesses, and depression, helping them cope with complex emotions and fostering closeness with their loved ones.

Festiwal Wrażliwy – the place where the newest ONCOdecalogue was announced

The book was revealed on the 6th edition of Festiwal Wrażliwy. It has met with enthusiastic acclaim from psycho-oncologists, oncologists, and other professionals whose work is tied to cancer treatment. The book was crafted in collaboration with such experts to provide patients and their families with comfort and mutual understanding during hardships.

oncodecalogue of emotions festiwal wrażliwy

This is part of the CODEAGAINSTCANCER project by Ardigen, aimed at supporting cancer patients and promoting cancer prevention education. This collaboration stands as an example of what integrating science, technology, and humanistic values can bring to the world. As such, Ardigen commends our employees engaged in this project.

Support the Code Agains Cancer Initiative

If you are interested in supporting our cause, visit the page below and order the new issue of “ONCOdecalogue of Emotions”:

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