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12 October 2023 Business
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New Paper Released by Ardigen and Collaborators: Advances in AI - Powered Histological Evaluation of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis



Ardigen, a global leader in artificial intelligence & bioinformatics for precision medicine, together with Janssen Research & Development, LLC, announces the publication of groundbreaking findings from their collaborative study.

The paper “Deep Learning Models Capture Histological Disease Activity in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis with High Fidelity” is now accessible online.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovative AI model

This paper presents an artificial intelligence model that evaluates different intestinal mucosal lesions. As a weakly supervised model trained with more than 5,000 biopsy images from more than 1,000 Janssen clinical trials, its need for detailed annotations is minimal.

  • Human-Level Accuracy

This AI model displayed inflammatory bowel disease activity – or lack thereof – with identification precision comparable to human specialists in brain pathology.

  • Clinical Trials and Future Applications

This paper studies the applicability of this AI model to clinical trial data, providing its detailed performance analysis. That includes defining its limitations and prospects for improvement. Histologic assessment is a promising field in AI tech development, allowing the identification of new treatment goals and, consequentially, better solutions for patients in the long term.

“The results of Ardigen’s fruitful collaboration is yet another example demonstrating how machine learning can be applied effectively in clinical research, particularly in automating and enhancing histological assessments in IBD.”

Michał Warchoł, PhD, EVP at Ardigen.

The paper is available to read here:

About Janssen:

Janssen, a key player in the global pharmaceutical landscape and a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, operates with a workforce of 40,000 employees across five continents. Garnering a position among the top 10 companies in global pharmaceutical sales, Janssen’s presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa extends to over 100 countries, with local offices in more than 30 nations and employing over 14,000 individuals.

In the EMEA region, the company supports a robust research and development network with eight centers strategically located in Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Spain.

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