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March 21, 2019
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PORT will support Ardigen's artificial intelligence technology in fight against cancer

PORT will support Ardigen’s artificial intelligence technology in fight against cancer

Ardigen signed an agreement with  PORT and the Lower Silesian Oncology Center (DCO) on sample collection and biobanking of biological material. The biobank operating within the framework of PORT is the leading center in the Polish part of the European BBMRI-ERIC biobanks network and will ensure the highest quality standards of sample collection and storing, which are necessary for Ardigen’s research in the field of immuno-oncology.

“The goal of the technologies developed by Ardigen is to increase patient response rates to immunotherapies. In our research, we present a unique holistic approach combining immunomics (digital analysis of the immune system) with metagenomics (digital analysis of the microbiome). The bioinformatics and artificial intelligence technologies we use require the highest quality of data. The method of collecting and storing biological material is particularly important. Experienced team and technical facilities managed by the PORT biobank is a guarantee for us that the data used in our research will be of appropriate quality which will directly impact the results of our scientific work “- says Dr. Kaja Milanowska, Executive Vice President of Ardigen, responsible for research and development.

“The cooperation between clinical sites, research centers and the pharmaceutical sector is crucial in seeking solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of civilization diseases. Currently, it is believed that the basis for the development of targeted therapy is a personalized strategy, based on the analysis of omics data”. – Dr. med. Łukasz Kozera, National Coordinator for Biobanking and Leader of the Biobank area in PORT. – “Our center has unique competences and resources that form a key element of cooperation between the entities of the medical world and the pharmaceutical industry. The combination of forces between the leading center of treatment of oncological diseases such as DCO, the National Leading Center of biobanking (PORT) and Ardigen is a guarantee of the effectiveness of developed technologies.”

“The combination of bioinformatics and artificial intelligence allows us to make breakthroughs in the process of developing innovative medicines, in particular personalized therapies. We want to actively build an ecosystem that allows the creation of ambitious biotechnology solutions in the computational biomedicine class. We believe our projects will also attract other partners” said Janusz Homa, president of Ardigen.

About PORT – The Polish Center for Technology Development

PORT – The Polish Center for Technology Development is a research and development organization focused on the development of new technologies by conducting research on the needs and in cooperation with the industry. PORT is a top class specialists using the infrastructure of state-of-the-art research and development laboratories in the country. The center’s activity is focused on biotechnology (including biobanking) and material engineering, allowing comprehensive implementation of both scientific and research work as well as pilot studies for industry.

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