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14 September 2022 Business
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Prof. Dr. med. Michael Schmitt, MHBA in Ardigen's Scientific Board


Ardigen, one of the world-leading companies that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for drug discovery, is proud to announce that Prof. Dr. Michael Schmitt, MHBA, has joined the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. His knowledge and experience will support work on artificial intelligence-based ​​platforms, dedicated to accelerating and optimizing the discovery of novel cell therapies.

About Prof. Dr. Michael Schmitt

Prof. Dr. Michael Schmitt, MD, MHBA is an internationally recognized expert in the field of cellular immunotherapy and is the author and co-author of more than 200 scientific publications. For many years, he has been working on the characterization of T-lymphocytes, which specifically recognize viral and tumor antigens. His research has significantly influenced the development of technology for adoptive cell transfer and vaccines. Professor Michael Schmitt is currently working at the Department of Hematology, Oncology, and Rheumatology in Heidelberg as a physician, the Head of a GMP Laboratory and the leader of a research group that is focusing on cellular immunotherapy.



“Similar to the Ardigen team, I have dedicated my career to immuno-oncology with special interest in cellular therapy. I strongly believe that this modality has great curative potential and will give hope to terminally-ill patients. I welcome the opportunity to support Ardigen on this exciting journey.”

– says Prof. Schmitt. 

“We are very proud that a world-class expert such as Prof. Dr. Michael Schmitt will support our efforts and work with us in the field of cell therapies. We are certain that Prof. Schmitt will significantly help refine our development in a strategic direction for the Immunology Business Unit.”

– added Dr. Agnieszka Blum , General Director of the Immunology Unit.

About Ardigen

Ardigen is harnessing advanced AI methods for novel precision medicine. The company accelerates therapy development by designing immunity, decoding microbiomes, analyzing biomedical images and providing digital drug discovery services. Ardigen’s team is rooted in biology and has extensive expertise in bioinformatics, machine learning, and software engineering. The company’s in-house datasets, together with advanced AI platforms, empower the development of effective precision therapies.

24 March 2022
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