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April 15, 2020
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We are ready to support your efforts in the fight against COVID-19

Facing the current COVID-19 global pandemic, we would like to inform you that Ardigen remains fully operational with our staff working remotely.

While a huge part of research in pharma and biotech industry has focused on the fight with COVID-19, we would like to highlight the importance of in silico tools in productive and time-effective antiviral drug discovery. At Ardigen we are ready to contribute our experience to support your efforts in the fight against COVID-19, by:

supporting drug development:

  • – searching for drug candidates targeting the SARS-CoV-2 virus proteins with our drug repurposing and virtual screening models
  • – utilizing our Gene Regulation Platform for the design of small RNA with antiviral potency
  • – evaluating various aspects of vaccine design and development (e.g. assessment of cross-reactivity, folding, solubility and stability of expression)

supporting drug validation/clinical research:

  • – analyzing the results of clinical trials to establish the efficacy of agents studied
  • – predicting potential drug efficacy and efficiency with a statistical learning approach
  • – supporting patient diagnostics by analyzing CT scans with our computer vision algorithms
  • – utilizing our AIKE (AI for Knowledge Extraction) models for fast and effective extraction of essential information from large collections of publications

data handling:

  • – developing tools for viral data visualization and analysis
  • – building and tuning of domain-specific, custom databases

Therefore, we are ready to provide you with our support for antiviral drug discovery using our expertise in bioinformatics, machine learning and software engineering. We are looking forward to assisting you in the COVID-19 fight. 

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