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daGama Framework

Identify the Right Therapeutic Targets to increase the probability of success in the drug discovery process

Harness the power of our data universe and machine learning to streamline your path to therapeutic intervention. With daGama, you’ll gain the ability to explore, score, and validate therapeutic targets like never before, revolutionizing your approach to drug discovery and development.

daGama Framework – the cornerstone of drug discovery

daGama framework relies on a vast data universe consisting of organized suites of different data modalities. Our models provide unique scientific insights and make accurate predictions of targets with therapeutic relevance.
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  • Your challenges

    Are these your challenges?

    • Finding the right targets

    You are tasked with identifying therapeutically relevant targets and understanding their biological functions.

    • Understanding the target’s function

    You need to understand the target’s biological function, including its role in disease mechanisms, signaling pathways.

    • Assessing safety and efficacy

    You face difficulties in evaluating the potential safety and efficacy of targets, ensuring they are both druggable and experimentally validated.

    • Selecting representative cell lines

    You are challenged with choosing cell lines that most accurately represent patient data, crucial for relevant research outcomes.

  • Our targeted solutions:

    Our targeted solutions:

    • AI-enhanced target prioritization

    We combine our AI/ML models with high-throughput profiling, genetic perturbations and functional genomics data, to effectively prioritize therapeutic targets.

    • Druggability prediction

    We utilize our expertise to assess and predict the druggability of your targets, assessing key features like structure, physicochemical properties, and functionality.

    • Translatability predictions

    We predict how drugs will perform in human patients, effectively translating insights from preclinical models to human samples and vice versa.

    • Comprehensive laboratory support

    We serve as your one-stop solution, conducting laboratory experiments with our partners.

  • Why partner with us:

    Why partner with us:

    • Data-driven risk management

    With daGama, we minimize risks in your drug development process, using our AI to help you make biologically driven decisions.

    • Comprehensive AI application

    We apply AI across various data types, including genetics, single cells, transcriptomics, and CRISPR screens, to provide you with a thorough, holistic analysis.

    • Battle-tested experts

    Our interdisciplinary experts integrate multiple data modalities, ensuring dependable and comprehensive support for your advanced research needs.

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