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Ardigen daGama

ML-Enabled Biological Target Discovery & Validation Platform

Why use?

Target Identification with Validation

With our platform you can address the target-based Drug Discovery stages from Target Identification to Target Validation

  •  [TARGET DECONVOLUTION] Experimental exposure of animal models, isolated tissues, or cells to chemical and genetic perturbations have on the phenotype.
  • [TARGET DISCOVERY] The use of molecular in conjunction with omics data modalities provides criteria that characterize a molecular target recommends it for further screening and validation

Ardigen daGama Platform

Ardigen daGama Platform

What Distinguishes Us:

  • Holistic approach from target Identification to Validation
  • Supported by wet-lab partners
  • The international network of collaborators
  • Commercially validated components
  • Dedicated Data Office support ensuring the highest quality of data
  • Multidisciplinary teams with experimental practice boosting computational proficiency


Genetic Report

Human genetics is increasingly revealing its power in enhancing the successful drug discovery programs. The role of genetics in drug discovery and development is further supported by the increased success of drug mechanisms supported by genetic link during the course of drug development. Projects showing genetic target linkage to the disease or a stronger understanding of the role of target in the disease aetiology are less likely to fail owing to a lack of efficacy (Cook et al., Nat. Rev. Drug Discovery, 2014). The importance of human genetics is also manifested by the increasing involvement of pharmaceutical companies in genomic research projects.

Excerpt from the Genetic Report’s table of content

What you can find inside:

  • Source of new hypotheses
  • Manually curated results
  • Actionable insights
  • Interactive and downloadable
  • figures and tables
    All in PDF & HTML.

Expression Explorer

Selecting the right target is a key decision early in the drug discovery process. Gene expression can de-risk drug development in early phases by identifying side-effects and indicating excessive promiscuity of drug candidates. With the costs of transcriptome profiling constantly decreasing, identification the promising drug targets that are not evenly distributed throughout the body is increasingly
affordable whether on a bulk or single cell level. The combination of orthogonal datasets provides unprecedented insights into disease biology and is informative for supporting go/no-go decisions.

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  • Comparison of disease with healthy tissue
  • Quantification of sample purity
  • Characterization of tumor microenvironment heterogeneity
  • Identification and characterization of tumor subgroups
  • Immune cells surface proteins profiling

siRNA Prediction

siRNAs are easy to use and established research tool used to study gene function and mechanism of action. They have become nascent therapeutics in recent years, with approved therapies against several rare diseases, along with more generic ones in line for approval. Our system allows to select siRNA molecules that are effective against chosen transcript in human and selected model organisms, thus allowing to perform the research involved in validation of the therapeutic approach using same molecule that can be later used as basis for the therapeutic. Our approach has been trusted by three commercial clients and validated experimentally.

Value We Deliver:

  • State-of-the-art predictions for siRNA efficacy
    (AUROC of 0.83).
  • Detailed off-target information
  • Information on genetic variants that can
    affect knock-down efficiency.
  • Efficient, fast and scalable database with
    straightforward API access.
  • Easy to use interface with fast response
    time and modern look.


CRISPR Screen ReportDue to its effectiveness, CRISPR has become new industry standard in conducting genetic screen investigations. Our offer focuses on the analysis of CRISPR experiment results with particular emphasis on quality control and integrity checks of the results. This approach ensures that investigation allows for drawing actionable conclusions, in line with experimental hypothesis. Based on these strong foundations the functional analysis subsequently answers the biological questions poised at the start, covering them from various aspects of cell function. CRISPR-Cas9 report exampleApplications:Novel therapeutic concept discoveryPhenotype to gene associationsCellular signalling mechanismPicture. Example of CRISPR screen quality assessment summaryPicture. Exemplary representation of functional analysis with high-level overview for cellular component gene ontology.Picture. Single section view on the web-based CRISPR tool for generating insights from CRISPR screens. inductive cell migrationdistal tip cell migrationcell chemotaxiscohesion loadingchromosome segragationspindle elongationphagocytosisendocytosisvesicle fusionimmune responseantigen processing and presentationleukocyte activationHeLaA549HMDMFraction of term genes in term pool [%]204060801000.−log10(FDR)cell migrationcell cyclevesicle-mediatedtransportimmune systemprocesArdigen in experimental design:Optimal gRNA library design with minimal off-target effectsTailored experimental design setup for the desired outcomeArrayed and pooled complex experimental supportOptimal sgRNALibrary DesignScreen, pooledand arrayedMeasurementand analysisTechnical NGS QCCRISPR Screen QCFunctional analysisQC SummaryPlease note the following QC statistic summmarygreen: goodorange: borderlinered: not accteptable sampleIDmappingrate [%]GiniIndexmissedsgRNAs [%]reads persgRNAAC-control-1510.1272.47436AC-control-2880.1192.29398AC-control-3880.1162.19474AC-plasmid-pool890.1100.91800KO-control-1950.1342.23392KO-control-2950.1332.15404KO-control-3950.1342.27412KO-plasmid-pool960.1052.531114

Our science

We are driven by science and collaborations!

Since 2015, we’ve had the opportunity to execute a variety of exciting and complex projects, both for our clients and internally.
A high degree of trust and confidentiality is the foundation for our business. That’s why we are always very excited to share the results of our scientific projects.
We publish and present materials, such as journal publications, posters, case studies and technical notes whenever possible, through which we aim to show the scope of our scientific team’s experience.

On demand webinars

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