19 November 2018

AACR18 Special Conference Highlights

With the increasing amount of biological data available and the advancement of analytical tools devoted to the extraction of meaningful information from such data we're acknowledging a fundamental shift in life sciences. According to the organizers of the 30th Anniversary AACR Special Conference Convergence: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Prediction in Cancer "it is this interface of cancer biology, computation, and clinical oncology that will most likely produce the future breakthroughs in control of cancer".

19 November 2018
AACR18 Special Conference Highlights
17 October 2018
Ardigen’s second place solution to the NCI-CPTAC DREAM Proteogenomics Challenge
11 October 2018
Wind of change - review of two groundbreaking articles about microbiome and probiotics.
28 August 2018
“I am large, I contain multitudes“
21 June 2018
ASCO18 highlights
30 May 2018
Arrows instead of bullets