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Ardigen at SLAS International Conference & Exhibition 2023



The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Conference is a premier event in the field of laboratory technology and screening. It brings together researchers, scientists, and industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise on the latest advancements in laboratory automation and high-throughput screening. 

During the conference, Ardigen presented its PhenAID platform, which enables the identification of small molecule drug candidates through AI. This newest innovation transforms drug discovery to identify better candidate drugs. PhenAID takes a multimodal approach, leveraging multiple input sources including phenotypic, structural, and omics data to facilitate virtual screening, hit ID, mode of action/biological property prediction, and optimization of candidate drugs.

We presented our research results in a poster: “Artificial Intelligence enriches phenotype-guided Virtual Screening and proposes diverse hit candidates.” – check here!

Discover more about how Ardigen as a Supporting Partner of the JUMP-CP Consortium can bridge the gap between Cell Imaging and Small Molecule design with the PhenAID platform. Transform Your Drug Discovery with us. Learn more!

Thank you for the excellent SLAS to our amazing team:

Michał Warchoł, PhD, EVP, General Director of Biomedical Imaging 

Sean Melville, Senior Business Development Manager

Magdalena Otrocka, PhD, Lead Molecular Biologist

Krzysztof Rataj, PhD, Data Scientist, Cheminformatics Expert


Meet Ardigen phenAID platform
7 March 2023
Ardigen and DKFZ research groups are entering into a collaboration to evaluate the safety of TCR-based therapies (TCR-Ts)
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