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Meet Ardigen phenAID platform



Meet Ardigen phenAID, a user-friendly application powered by Artificial Intelligence for High Content Screening data analysis

Ardigen phenAID platform transforms drug discovery to identify better candidate drugs. PhenAID takes a multimodal approach, leveraging multiple input sources including phenotypic, structural and omics data to facilitate virtual screening, hit ID, mode of action/biological property prediction and optimization of candidate drugs. PhenAID provides researchers with access to the most recent advancements in AI and computer vision without the need for hiring a team of experts.

Discover more about how Ardigen as a Supporting Partner of the JUMP-CP Consortium can bridge the gap between Cell Imaging and Small Molecule design with the PhenAID platform. 

Watch the demo of our cutting-edge platform, designed to simplify the process of achieving your scientific objectives.

Transform Your Drug Discovery with us! Want to know more or try Ardigen phenAID? Read more!

Ardigen at PMWC 2023
Ardigen at SLAS International Conference & Exhibition 2023
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