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18 September 2023 CSR
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Ardigen Celebrates 8 Years of Innovation in AI Drug Discovery



This year, Ardigen is celebrating its 8th anniversary. This is an excellent opportunity to recap and present plans and aspirations for both the coming year and further into the future.

Eight years in numbers – Ardigen’s development

Since 2015, we have completed over 300 projects in collaboration with more than 60 clients from the AI-driven Drug Discovery sector. We have started as a small group of biotechnology enthusiasts. Now, however, our team has expanded to 200 professionals dedicated to developing new treatments and therapies.

To all business partners and people engaged in Ardigen’s success: thank you!

We could not do it without our team members. Your resilience and expertise have become a driving force behind each of Ardigen’s milestones. Thank you for your passion and engagement in our growth.

Looking forward, we are setting our sights on more prospects of growth and innovative solutions in AI and medicine.

Let’s raise a toast to the times ahead and get ready for more groundbreaking projects!

Ardigen's 8th brithday

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